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Stan The Radar Man
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I've discovered that radar/laser cases are VERY defensible and can be won by using the unique California Speed Trap Laws. Basically, if the cop has used radar or laser, the California laws say that if a speeding violation is involved or if the posted speed limit is below 65 mph in your case and isn't justified by a valid traffic survey and engineering report, it's a speed trap and you should win your case. There are many other law defenses that are available.

The police officer won't be prepared for your defense.
He or she won't know anything about your speed trap defense, or the other law def..that are available.

Here's why you should win the case. In California, whenever radar or laser is used, in every case where the posted speed limit is less than 65 mph, there must be a VALID Survey; there are a few exceptions (school and senior zones, etc). If the survey isn't valid it's a speed trap and you win! So far in my law practice, I've NOT seen one valid survey. The companies who prepare the Surveys for local authorities
(cities/counties) just don't prepare them in compliance with the law.

In any event, if the Survey isn't valid, the California Law says
your ticket involves a speed trap and following takes place in court.

1. The officer can't testify.
2. None of the cop's evidence is admissible.
3. The judge has no jurisdiction (power) to convict you.That's the law.There is no admissible evidence against you and the judge is prohibited from convicting you.

That's how powerful the California speed trap laws are. The case must be DISMISSED and you found NOT GUILTY. No DMV points, fine, or increased and insurance company premium. In the typical case, I will teach you all you need to know. I will then tell you what steps to take and what documents to send or fax. I will then show you why the survey is a speed trap. The next part is preparing you for trial. I will keep it as simple as possible.You will be relying on the law and will not require any oratory skills. If it's a speed trap and you can talk, the law will win for you.You will be very proud of yourself no matter what the outcome. I will do my very best to prepare you.

Till then,I remain

Stanley Alari, Attorney at Law (Stan The Radar Man)
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