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DMV Points

DMV points will increase your insurance premiums and can result in being placed on probation, having your license suspended or revoked. DMV points are used by every state to modify driving habits and the insurance companies love the premium increases.

Every state has different rules regarding suspensions and different standards for truckers and "four wheelers." You will need to be familiar with the point system of your state.

In California, a four wheeler point system allows
4 in 12 months,
6 points in 24 months and
8 points in 36 months
before your license is placed on probation or suspended.

If you are placed on probation by the DMV, and get a point during the probationary period, you will have a serious suspension situation. Truckers are allowed 6, 8, 10 for the same periods, but they get one and a half points per ticket (sometimes "only" one) depending on the violation. A trucker driving passengers or dangerous materials is held to a higher standard and points.

Remember, most states share information about DMV points. Then there's the insurance consequence of higher premiums and for three years. If a person had two points within 12 months and then changed insurance companies, that person would have a very, very difficult time getting any insurance, other than insurance through the Assigned Risk programs.
If you have major assets to protect, you will want plenty of coverage and could not get it. The word to the wise is, be very cautious and careful when driving, the costs and consequences to insurance, job and security justify driving as safely as possible. Driving fast as a habit costs money for extra fuel, adds stress levels we don't need. A moving violation is no small matter.
If you get a ticket, contact me, there is no good reason to voluntarily pay more for insurance and endanger our driving priviledge.
The cost of the ticket does not tell the real story of the hidden consequences of getting a dmv point against your license and insurance. Be informed and be careful and call for help, that's why I'm The Traffic Ticket lawyer Stan The Radar Man.

Giving you solid counsel, is the most important thing. If you hire me, great. If you don't hire me, great. If I've been of service to you, now, that's really great! I really like looking in the mirror and seeing the handsome good human smiling back at me! So, be careful out there and if you get a ticket, give me a call. I know what to do and what not to do. Fill out my free DMV ticket evaluation. Talk to you soon, I remain,
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Stan the DMV Points MAN

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