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Remove your DMV points and get your licence back FAST !!!

I’m Stanley Alari, a California Traffic Ticket Attorney.  I know how to reverse or stop a DMV suspension (a negligent operator suspension) in one day or just a few days.   I’ve never failed to stop a suspension. 
If your suspension involved ANY California DMV point, the chances are excellent  that I
can reverse or set aside a suspension before it happens.  Remember, so far, I’ve never failed.  If you want to want your license back and want to drive again, call or contact me.

Truckers, and "four wheelers", please take notice! I have a great way to get your license back!

I can help you avoid losing your CDL. I set aside a suspension by knocking out the offending point(s)! I can get it done fast.

I will stop any state suspension, IF you have CA DMV point(s) to knock out with my motions of law and devastating argument.
If you were convicted of DUI, that is probably a different matter, however, if your license is suspended or will be for points, I may be able to reverse the suspension and get your license back.  The suspension must be for being a Negligent Operator.

You must have “just paid the traffic ticket” rather than having appeared before a judge or fought the ticket in court and lost. However, I have been successful where my Client appeared before a judge on the trial date (with the cop present) and plead guilty.
In that case (104 mph), I got the forfeiture/conviction set aside, and later won the case in trial.  In that case the Client wanted to reduce the number of DMV points against his license (for insurance purposes).
I prepare a special law motion, travel to the court where you got the point(s) and have a hearing with a judge of that court.  The court will set aside the point forthwith, and set the matter for trial. I must win at trial.  I have kept the point off every time, by winning the trial .
I then contact the DMV, to make sure the point is off.  You are now eligible to get your license back,  when your point count has fallen below the suspension level.
The key to my being able to do this is, you MUST actually have CALIFORNIA DMV  points.  I cannot personally visit other states to help.  I am able to associate with attorneys in other states who can help you.
It doesn’t matter which state DMV has suspended or will suspend your license, as long as you have a California DMV point or points as part of your point count.
 The removal or setting aside of the California DMV point will reduce your point count below the suspension level and you get your license back.

 I appeared in the Beverly Hills courthouse on ( 3-20-06 ) for a Client whose suspension was 16 days off.  I was able to get  traffic school instead of his 7 month old his forfeiture/conviction.  He will go to traffic school fast and avoid his upcoming suspension.

In other cases, I have been able to set aside  forfeitures, set the matter for a trial, stop the DMV suspension and I came back and won the trial to keep the suspension off.  I have never failed to get the job done.!

If you want your license back
and want to drive again or keep driving, give me a call and let’s see how I can help you.  I can do this anywhere in the 400 California Courts.  I will do it myself and will travel to the court to get the job done. I  may use one of my competent lawyer associates.

Fill out my free DMV points and LicenceSuspension Evaluation Form.  I will carefully review your suspension situation.  I will advise you on how we can get your license back. When you fill out the form, I will see it immediately and quickly call and or write back with answers and advice.
Don’t give up!  Call me and let’s see what can be done. 

Thank You for your visit! Sincerely,

Stanley Alari
Attorney at Law
Since 1972

Toll Free: 877-769-7232

Stan the DMV Points MAN

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