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March ,11th 2003

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January 2003
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California Moving Violations?

Do you find that you're racking up those California Moving Violations? Stan The Radar Man Might Be....


(The following is From an interview by Anne Van Beveren)

“That first point…it’s like being a little big pregnant,” said Alari. “You don’t want to have any points at all.”

Getting a single ticket is bad enough, but what you do from there can make things even worse because, in words of trial lawyer Stan Alari,” it’s not just a ticket”.

When Stan is defending a radar ticket in a less-than-65 zone, Alari visits the scene, pulls the survey that justifies the speed limit and goes over it with a fine-tooth comb, and then turns up in court, with copies of the law blown up to larger than life size.

“Often, my trials last one to two hours,” said Alari. “I hand copies of the law to the judge. Most of the judges are fascinated by it because they haven’t heard it before and the cops love it. They get bored winning every time and here’s a guy who shows up, is nice about, and shows them the law. They are sent to court with a lousy case and they don’t even know it. This gives them the ability to do it better next time.”

On his radar cases that involve going less that 65 mph, Alari claims an almost perfect record. “I am almost 100 percent successful, but it’s not about percentages,” he insists. “It’s a natural question to ask what your percent rate is but I can tell you for sure if that it’s 100 percent better than pleading guilty.”

”I understand that a $500 defense might sound like a lot of money but, with the hours he puts into every case, even at $100 an hour,that probably doesn’t cover Alari’s time.

“That’s what plumbers charge, and I probably have about 20 hours for any case I put on,” he told Free 2 Wheel. “Why do I do it? Because I’m nuts,but also because it should be done by somebody. This is a county of laws, not of individual men. If a city councilman, says a speed limit’s too fast, let’s lower it, he is ignoring, the whole criteria for setting it. We have to keep the government in line. We have to protect our rights. F2W

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