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Stanley Alari , ESQ
Traffic Ticket and DMV Points Lawyer

Hello! I’m Stanley Alari (Stan). Thanks for stopping here at my virtual office! I like having Conversations about ticket/dmv situations. That’s my work. I’ve been a criminal defense trial lawyer for many years (32) and now specialize in Traffic Court and DMV matters.

You are welcome to call me for a personal Conversation about your concerns and expectations. Please allow me to provide you with some good, solid counsel, advice and service if necessary. I have a whole list of ways to solve traffic and DMV Point Suspension matters.

I invite you to call me on my cell phoneCell: (562) 279 4653 (always with me). I have traveled to many Courts for my Clients. In 2004, I had 66 trials scheduled and in 60 trials the charge was either dismissed or reduced. There are Two cases are on appeal and should be dismissed. A few clients chose not appeal.

I know that a good Conversation can reduce concerns. I offer competent legal advice that will lead to a the greatest opportunity for a satisfactory result. That is my intention.
Sometimes, traffic school or preparing your own, attorney assisted Trial by Declaration is the best approach. You may need my services....let’s have a Conversation and you then decide what’s best for you.

When my first concern is to provide service, I’m helping someone else and everything in my life works so much better. I look in the mirror every day and like the person I see there. I walk around feeling like I actually make a difference in the world. I feel like a decent man doing good work in my world.

Sure, I really know my stuff in court, that’s why just about every case is dismissed... Helping others with Good Advice, before price, being The Honest Man I’ve been looking for....That’s a way to Be in the world. Winning cases in Court is simply what I do.

So, call me...and let’s have that Conversation.

Till Then, All the best,

Stan .

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