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Trial By Declaration - Forms

In California, you can win a trial without going to court. If I prepare your Trial by Declaration, your chances of winning are excellent. If you file your own TBD, and don’t know the law, it is still possible to win! A TBD may not be the way to go in your situation, be sure and call me first.

When a Trial By Declaration is prepared and filed with the court (along with the trial bail), the court clerk will send the officer a form that he/she has to fill out and return. If the officer fails to file a response, YOU WIN.

After the bench officer reads each side’s declarations he will rule. If it’s in your favor, the case will be dismissed. You will also be notified if the Trial By Declaration is not successful. You have the right to request a Court trial if you lose!

You or your lawyer (if retained for the Court Trial) will appear in court on the trial date. If the officer fails to appear, YOU WIN. If, the officer does appear, you can defend yourself in trial, or if eligible, and before the trial starts, request first offender traffic school.

I prepare Trial by Declarations with powerful law defenses that makes the difference!
The Trial by Declaration has a special defense that does not exist in a court trial. Most people (non lawyers who don’t know the law!) or books recommend telling your version of the facts and hope the judge will believe you rather than the officer.

Forget it, most judges favor the cops version, it’s as if the judge asks the question “Why would the officer lie?” I know how to get the judge’s attention with the law he must obey, no matter how much he favors cops stories.

The Trial by Declaration is not the time to rely solely on a factual defense, (“believe my facts not the officer’s”). The best way to win a Trial by Declaration, is to use law defenses that get the judge’s attention and can knock out the officer’s statements (Written Declarations). If there is no cop evidence that can be considered by the Court, you win.

That’s how I win Trial by Declaration’s for my clients. Sure, there are other reasons a Trial by Declaration can be won, but I attack! With the aggressive winning LAW DEFENSES! Don’t settle for defenses that beg for a dismissal, Attack the officer’s statements! I can Knock them out!

If the judge is afraid to do his lawful duty and dismiss the case, there are still the other ways to win! Why lose the opportunity the Trial by Declaration offers you! You have nothing to lose, you still have the right to a Court trial, but let’s go for a knock out with the Trial by Declaration!

I recommend that you retain me prepare the Trial by Declaration. I am the experienced trial lawyer with 33 years of trial experience and know all the case and statutory laws that can result in a dismissal of the case. Every case has unique trial defenses. Love of the law, Hard work and daily research is the key to victory.

My Expert Trial By Declaration retainer fee is $600.. However, If you have any question please call me. The best way to reach me is by calling the toll free at 1-877-769-7232 I will call you as soon as possible. Also, I will immediately see your Free Traffic Ticket Evaluation Form as soon as you fill it out, it will appear like magic on my Blackberry Phone!

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