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California Speeding Law

All the speeding violation law will be found at the "vehicle code" link a this site. If you know the vehicle code violation, fo to the vehicle code link. Any violation of California requires that the prosecution prove the case against you by proof beyond a reasonable doubt.

Usually, there is no prosecutor (unless the bench officer behaves like one.) In most courts (Check with the court in your case,) the police officer is the prosecution's witness, and he/she is not an advocate (Lawyer) and object if the officer goes beyond testifying about observations and what he/she did. You're an advocate, the officer is not!


In cases where a person is representing themselves the case is almost always lost. A non-lawyer does not know the law. Most citizens rely on a "Please believe me, and not the police officer." This approach does not work very well with most bench officers.

The best defense always relies on knowing the law. When the law supports the defense and keeps the police officer's evidence from being admitted into evidence, that is a great, a great way to win a trial.

Know what the vehicle code section requires. Know the rules of evidence to make sure the police officer's evidence is admissible ( The police officer's evidence is almost always INADMISSABLE.) If you know what the California Evidence Code Requires for admissibility of evidence, you will object to the officers statelments and documents (Radar Calabration, Speedometer evidence, traffic servey, etc, etc, etc..

A speeding violation is a very complex case to prosecute and defend. I know, because that is my profession and my main law interest and area of expertise. I rely on six or seven separate law defenses and motions.

There is a major defense to a street speeding case (22350) called the basic speed law (BSL) and I rely on five other law defenses in court. You may you win your case using the BSL defense.

I rarely have the time to mentor motorists, But sometimes I have the time to help a person who really cannot afford to hire me. I understand and remember the days when my wife and I were raising four boys and had all those day to day expenses.

In summary, California speeding law is in a very complex to defend, but there are so many powerful law defenses that were enacted to insure that we all have a chance for a fair trial. It's unfortunate that most people simply don't have the time or knowledge to learn all the great laws that have been passed to win a California Speeding case gates

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