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I fight any traffic ticket in anywhere in California with a POWERFUL Trial by Declaration or Full Press Court Trial . IN ONE DAY I CAN STOP A DMV SUSPENSION ! If you have ANY DMV point in the last 12 months, You want to consult me for advice! I fight and BEAT illegal street Speed Trap radar-laser-lidar cases. I beat illegal speed trap laser speeding tickets, illegal speed trap lidar speeding tickets and pace-pacing- speeding tickets (22350 cvc), state highway/freeway speeding tickets (22349 cvc, 22356 cvc, 22348 cvc- 100 mph), photo red light tickets (22353 cvc), 22406 cvc and 22407 cvc (trucker speeding tickets). I fight any California moving violation that will result in a DMV point against your license, affect your job or insurance rate or availability. I am are here to give you great free advice and or expert representation. I know all the many of law defenses and solutions. Be sure to check out my special, value packed site links: Trial By Declaration Forms, Traffic Self Help, California Traffic Court Forms, California Vehicle Code, etc. I will review quickly and expertly the Free Ticket Evaluation Form and advise you, for the most powerful, practical, economic SOLUTIONS. Call me : Office 1-714-840-1410 or Cell 714-861-9128 (Pacific Time Zone).
Stan The Radar Man , Traffic Ticket Lawyer will fight your California Moving Violations and California Speeding Ticket!
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I’m Stan Alari, A California Trial Lawyer with associates in many California cities. What are some consequences of handling your case without seeking competent legal advise from an experienced traffic attorney?


Going to traffic school


A DMV point


A DMV warning letter, A DMV hearing on license probation


Suspension or revocation


Job jeopardy, embarrassment or loss


The case might have been won with a Trial By Declaration or in a Court trial.


Insurance Premium Hike (for three years)


Insurance Cancellation

I win California speeding ticket cases and California moving violations with competent fxpro bitcoin law driven Trial by Declaration and or in a Court trial. I am a traffic ticket lawyer and I have 34 years of trial experience and totally know the traffic laws, so I know how to fight a red light ticket or any California traffic violation and speeding tickets . My California speeding ticket Law Defenses are devoted to making sure you are not convicted by an illegal speed trap, whether it’s fighting a lidar speed ticket or a radar speed ticket or a laser speed ticket, or any other California traffic ticket. I know how to fight a photo red light tickets and I know how to fight a red light ticket and win! So, if you have a California speeding ticket or California dmv points or a single California dmv point or any traffic violation in California, call or fill out the free ticket evaluation form with stan the radar man.
I rarely ever lose a traffic Court trial because I win with law fxpro spread betting defenses any California speeding ticket or any traffic ticket violation in California. I win California traffic trial cases with California Law Defenses and with the facts. Winning your California traffic ticket case or setting aside a California DMV point suspension is my purpose. I have spent years digging hard to learn all about the speeding ticket and any other California moving violation or California ticket that can result in a dmv point against a California Drivers license or affect your job. Knowing the California Law is what it takes to win your traffic ticket trial. My case dismissal rate is astonishing.
There are lots of lawyers in California but I know exactly how to win a California speeding ticket or other moving violation, because it’s all I do. I don’t handle a traffic ticket once in a while, I do lots of them all the time, every week and every month, I know speeding ticket law better than any police officer or California Highway Patrolman and or any judge. Why? Because expert knowledge of speeding ticket laws, CalTrans Regulations, and the California Evidence fxpro system free download Code when competently presented to the Court, requires a dismissal of the case!
So, remember to call stan the radar man if you have a California speeding ticket and need a California traffic ticket lawyer for any traffic ticket violation or California dmv point . I love it when I hear your California speeding ticket involves a radar ticket, a laser ticket or a lidar ticket. Why? Because a California ticket involving a posted speed limit and a radar ticket or a lidar ticket or a laser, it is presumed to be a 22350 VC California speed trap. My job in Court is to make sure the judge knows it’s an illegal 22350 VC California Speed Trap. If it’s a California speed trap case, the officer’s testimony is illegal, the officer’s observation is illegal and the judge has no power to convict you!
I’ve been practicing law since 1972 and have great associate traffic ticket trial lawyers. Making sure my Law Defenses are at the cutting edge is my passion, my art and my trial work science. Your case always really matters....and that’s when I matter. I love to look into the “mirror” of my work and like the man I see there...dedicated...creative...and on fire for you...and for me.
I use excellent and creative Law Defenses to get case dismissals, because I know how to fight illegal speed trap cases (22350 CVC) where the officer uses a radar, laser, lidar gun. In fact, I know how to fight a lidar speed ticket, how to fight a radar speed ticket and how to fight a radar speed ticket with Law Defenses that win. If fact, it’s easy to fight and win a California speeding ticket, when the officer does use a radar, laser, lidar gun! I also use Law Defenses to win photo red light tickets (22353 CVC). So, remember if your ticket is a 22350 VC, a 22349 VC, a 22356 VC , a 22348 VC call or send an email to for help. When the California traffic case involves any other California traffic violation, I use California Law Defenses, CalTrans Regulations and often visit the scene to discover other defenses.
When I rely on Law Defenses, your appearance in court is not necessary, although you may want to watch your trial with it’s expert Law Defenses at work. I fight for constitutional due process. Your traffic violation gives me the opportunity to fight for a fair trial and the Rule of Law. When I use California Law defenses the trial is more than fair! Our taxes are used to build the courthouses and pay the salaries of the judges. We all expect and deserve the fairness the Judges are sworn to uphold. My reason for working is to fight hard and do my best and to vigorously object when the judge is not obeying the rule of The Law.
I come to court completely prepared to have the case dismissed. When the case has Law Defenses the case must be dismissed. I always check out the judge before trial to make sure he or she is prepared to be a judge, not a king or queen. We had a revolution and defeated England to end rule by king and instead, we have the rule of law. I often file a law motion to exclude a judge who I believe cannot be fair to my client.
I am completely prepared for the Court trial with Law Defenses, police officers are often stunned and overwhelmed and the case dismissed by the judge because he or she must obey the law. The weapons I use, are the Laws we the People have passed on the Constitution we are to live by. It is The Law that wins when my client’s cases are won. Every time. Ok, there are times when the case is dismissed when the officer does not appear for trial, but hope he does appear. Call me, to discuss your case. I have a free ticket evaluation form and will get back to everyone who fills it out. I have lots of solutions for you. There are certainly times when you will need to represent yourself, let me give you some useful advice at no charge. If you decide that your case requires my expertise, I am ready represent you. Remember, I win with The Law, written trial motions and a powerful subpoena duces tecum. I get all the evidence necessary to win the case, whether its by a Trial by Declaration or in a court trial in California. Never represent yourself if you can avoid it. We have a saying in the law: He who represents himself, has a fool for a lawyer. If you can, hire a lawyer with nerves of steel and powerful, knowledgeable expertise in trial.


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